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Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences is a European research and development centre in new generation networking, grid computing, service architectures and digital content management. It operates the PIONIER network - a nationwide broadband optical network for e-science. Since 1993 PSNC has participated in more than 50 ICT projects within European Union Framework Programmes, cooperating with the frontrunners from Europe, the USA and East Asia. Its numerous results are being exploited as the innovative solutions in the networks operated by PSNC (PIONIER) or the Metropolitan Area Network in Poznan (POZMAN). Cooperation with the public and private sector has enabled PSNC to deploy innovative ideas and technologies like: interactive public television, virtual laboratories and remote steering, digital libraries and enterprise grid solutions. One of the most recent PSNC initiatives is a QualiPSo Competence Centre founded in 2010 as a result of PSNC participation in QualiPSo project. It is aimed to promote and foster OSS development and adoption. PSNC is going to facilitate the knowledge and technological transfer from the open source software communities to the industrial users. The PSNC FLOSS Competence Centre main goals are to improve the quality and foster the adoption of FLOSS in Poland, to provide high quality FLOSS-related services, which the customers need and when they expect them, to improve open source software development productivity and quality and to act as a catalyst for FLOSS based R&D&I initiatives.

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