GeeCON is a conference that will focus on Java and Java Virtual Machine based technologies, with special attention to dynamic languages like Groovy and Ruby. We want GeeCON to become a forum for sharing experiences about modern software development methodologies, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing and more!

GeeCON is for everyone! Interested in new things from the world of Java and related universes – even better! The conference is aimed at software developers and architects, IT experts, students and personalities from the world of science.

In previous years we managed gather almost 450 people. Almost all of them rated events organisation and content very high. Interesting presentations, world-class speakers and unique atmosphere, all while keeping a very reasonable ticket prices.

If you are interested what people wrote and said about first edition of GeeCON conference, please take a look into our press corner.

GeeCON is all about community, it's organised for the community and by the community. First edition proved that GeeCON is more than just a great opportunity to meet for Eastern European developers. By working together we managed to organize an event incomparable with any other within the region.

It is our dream to organise GeeCON on a regular basis, choosing different cities and countries each time. We strongly believe it will become the biggest Java event in Eastern Europe!

Let's move the Java World!
GeeCON team

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