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92% of attendees said that conference met their expectations.

Some opinions about the second edition:

"GeeCON is an annual Java conference I had a pleasure to attend to. Spending two days in awesome geeky atmosphere is definitely the thing to do! [...] Now the conference is over. I’m going to test some of the new ideas I got from this geeky heaven, I’ll keep posting with details." Marcin Górecki

"I very much enjoyed all those discussions at the conference and I’m very sorry I had to leave early." Stephan Hermann,

"So the long awaited GeeCON 2010 has come to an end yesterday. Of course I was there, and had quite an amazing time there yet again. [...] It’s been really fun, as I was not only attending all the sessions but hanging around with some of the speakers – that was the most fun and interesting part I think." Konrad Malawski

"Let's move the Java world" (their slogan) - well, I haven't felt moved but it was quite interesting." Pawel Niewiadomski

"Summarizing it was a really nice event, organizers did a really good job, some speeches were very interesting some less but in general most of the subject were on beginner’s level, not going deeply into it." Espeo team blog

"GeeCON 2009 in Cracow was a wonderful experience, and this year Poznan held the conference. If you ever wonder whether GeeCON is worth the time and money, the answer is plain and simple: definitely yes." Jakub Nabrdalik

"In the end, thank you conference organizers for a great conference and I look forward to next year." Chris Aniszczyk

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for hosting me at GeeCON. I had a great time and think you've organised a fantastic conference. Poznan is lovely and you chose some excellent speakers", Holly Cummins

"This year GeeCON took place in Poznan which is much closer to Szczecin than Cracow. I expected it to be as good as a year before, maybe I expected too much. I don't mean it was bad, but previous year it was so great that maybe it was hard to keep this level. Or maybe I was not choosing right presentations. There were three tracks this year so choice was sometimes difficult." Pawel Stawicki

"Two days ago I came back from Poznan, Poland, where second edition of GeeCON conference took place. After attending the first edition my expectations were very high and sadly I left Poznan a bit disappointed. It is most likely a matter of my personal taste, but still just a few presentations are worth mentioning." Tomasz Nurkiewicz

And a few more opinions taken from Twitter:

"First morning back after getting back from #Geecon in Poland. Excellent conference and excellent people at the event (and Zorro visit!)", Thomas Enebo

"Back in San Francisco, after a most successful GeeCON in Poznan.", Eugene Ciurana

"A few #geecon photos - it was an energizing #java and #groovy event definitely worth attending!", Marcin Niebudek

"Surprised how the internet really works at #geecon #devoxx should learn ;-)", Tomasz Szymanski

"Back from #geecon . It's been a very enjoyable event. Thanks everyone for all the nice discussions and feedback tweets", Vaclav Pech

"GeeCON was great fun.", Dalibor Topic

What people were saying about GeeCON 2009?

"Kudos to the organizers - a nice, good organized conference in a beautiful city. I met some old friends from all over the world ...and: "I escaped the Browser!"


" GeeCon is community oriented, so people are really relaxed, easy going… perfect place to have a chat [...] The entire experience was fantastic : good conference, nice atmosphere, beautiful city… I’ll definitely go back to GeeCon next year.

"GeeCon is over, long live GeeCon", Antonio Goncalves

"Yesterday I heart loads of excuses why the tests have not been written. I immedietaly remembered Misko Hevery’s session at amazing geecon conference (be sure to attend next year!)."

"excuses for not doing dev testing", Szczepan Faber

Then it occurred that this dream can be fulfilled, and thanks to determination of few people it really happened.Oh people, you really did something unique ! Long live GeeCON, and I'll be there next year for sure ! :)

"GeeCON 2009 conference, Cracow, Poland" Tomasz Kaczanowski

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