Call for Papers

We want you to share your knowledge with others during GeeCON!

Call for papers starts 1st December 2010 and ends 15th January 2011.

We are interested in hosting lectures on subjects associated with Java and software engineering, such as:

  • Java EE, OSGi, enterprise architecture patterns and best practices
  • rich internet applications (Flex, JavaFX) and Java Desktop applications
  • modern web frameworks (Wicket, Grails, JSF etc.)
  • domain specific languages
  • languages on the JVM (Groovy, JRuby, Scala, Clojure ...)
  • mobile computing (Android, Java ME)
  • JVM performance tuning
  • distributed computing
  • software quality assurance in the Java world (refactoring, automated tests, mutational test verification, static code analysis)
  • software configuration management (including tools like Maven, Gradle, Ant, Ivy)
  • agile methodologies
  • cloud computing

If you:

  • have experience in an interesting subject or a cutting-edge technology
  • want to share knowledge
  • have good presentation skills
  • accept our rules
don't hesitate! Prepare a short abstract about the topic you would like to present during GeeCON and send it to us via the form.

Contact us at if you have any questions or doubts regarding your submission.

See you at GeeCON!


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