1. Why should I go?
    Ask friends, see our list of speakers and agenda. Still not convinced? Let pictures speak to you.

  2. What do I need at the conference?
    Just an ID with your name and surname. There's no need to bring printed invoices, proofs of payments etc.

  3. What to bring for the University Day?
    Again, just an ID with your name and surname. Laptops will not be needed.

  4. What to bring for the Community Day?
    This time, bring a laptop with a power adapter. Also, make sure you follow your chosen path's specific requirements.

  5. What is University Day?
    University Day is a day of trainings and workshops, that takes place a day before the conference (11th May).

  6. What form will it be?
    This year, there will be 3 simultaneous tracks and free choice during the event. Each track will consist of two long and two short ones. More details soon :-)

  7. Can I attend University Day alone?
    Sure, this is be possible.

  8. When the registration will start?
    Registration started 1st of February

  9. Is there something beyond the conference and University Day planned?
    Yes, and it's called Community Day. It's dedicated to workshops. Among other attractions, it will allow you to participate in the very first Java HackerGarten in Poland!

  10. When will I get the invoice?
    Invoices will be sent by mail after payment

  11. How can I register for the Community Day?
    Registration will be conducted via email, which will be sent in order of GeeCON registration.


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