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Václav Pech
Václav is a programming enthusiast who's constantly seeking ways to make development more effective and enjoyable. He's particularly interested in server-side Java technologies, distributed systems, parallel programming, agile methodologies, modern programming languages, DSLs and of course IntelliJ IDEA. He works for JetBrains as a senior software developer and a technology evangelist. On the side, he's leading the GPars project (, an opensource concurrency library, investigates the domains of neural networks, evolutionary programming and data mining.


Pick low-hanging fruit

Concurrency is not hard. It can actually feel natural and easy. Surprisingly little effort is required to achieve a great level of concurrency in your everyday code. Come and pick the fruit that hangs low, right above your head. Stretch out your hand and learn to use parallel collections, asynchronous functions, fork/join and dataflow variables. You can write code that runs fast on modern multi-core chips without dramatic impact on your applications' architecture. It will be deterministic and reliable. Come and get ready for the multi-core future.


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