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Martijn Verburg
Traveller, Open Source and Java advocate, London JUG co-organiser, UK Graduate Developers co-organiser, Moderator on the Javaranch, Community leader for Ikasan EIP and PCGen, author, speaker etc :)


How to open source internal software at a mega-corp

Using war stories from several open source projects the talk will cover the sometimes subtle aspects (both technical and social) of how to run a lasting and vibrant open source project. Topics covered will include: Benefits of open sourcing, Getting Started, Convincing the Stakeholders, Setting up your Technical Infrastructure, Managing your social and political infrastructure, dealing with the money, how to run communications, Packaging/Releasing and Daily Development, Managing Volunteers and the dreaded Licensing, Patents and Copyright.

The Diabolical Developer

After spending the last few years utilising best practices in Java, following lean/agile techniques, practising software craftsmanship and listening to the likes of Joshua Bloch and Martin Fowler, I have discovered that it's all one great big hoax! This talk is aimed at freeing the developer from the chains of the industry and helping you get back to actually doing your job. This talk will offer several practical suggestions to get back to basics e.g. How to get the right attitude, self learning, how to effectively work by yourself, using only the tools you need, sticking to what you know is best, getting rid of the fluff and end user testing is good enough. By the end of this talk you'll be re-invigorated about your role as a developer, you have the power once more!


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