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Cyrille Le Clerc
CTO at Xebia, Cyrille is also a committer on the Apache CXF project. He has recently been involved in high volume web sites and web services platforms for telecommunication companies before working on a world wide data grid for a leading financial services institution. His mixed experience with 7 years at IBM Global Services and 4 years at Xebia gives him a balanced view going from commercial to open source ecosystems as well as from very structured to and agile/lightweight approaches. Cyrille is a blogger on and a regular speaker in France about OSGi, Data Grid and Production Ready Java Applications.


NoSQL & DataGrid from a Developer Perspective

Relational database is the de facto storage for enterprise applications. During the 2000s alternative storage solutions have emerged. On the enterprise side, In Memory Data Grids were developped to offer very low latency data access, mostly to satisfy needs of financial trading applications. On the Web side, NoSQL databases were created to deal with high availability and scalability needs of some huge websites. Both of these technologies are now worth being considered when designing business applications


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