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Danny Coward
Danny Coward is a Principal engineer and technology evangelist with Oracle corporation. He is been a contributor to all three of the Java platforms: Java SE, Java ME and Java EE, and created the foundation for the first JavaFX releases, and represents Oracle on the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process. He holds a phd in number theory from the University of Oxford.


Java SE: The Road Ahead

Its been a big year for Java SE, with the imminent and much anticipated release of Java SE 7 and JDK 7. This talk will step you through the final incarnations of the new features for Java SE 7, in particular those language changes focussing on productivity, the new APIs for concurrent programming, and access to modern filesystems, and the deep changes in the Java Virtual Machine to enable the optimization smarts built on year of experience optimising Java programs to accelerate bytecode produced from applications written in other languages such as Ruby, Groovy, Scala and more. The talk will also preview new features under development such as Project Lambda and Project Jigsaw for Java SE 8, due in 2012.

What's new in JavaFX 2.0

JavaFX 2.0 is marks a big step forward and a new direction for this Rich Client Technology compared with the preceding JavaFX 1.x releases. This talk, with the aid of numerous code examples, before and after, will illustrate the use of the new Java APIs for JavaFX functionality: from how to write the first JavaFX 2.0 program, the manipulation of the scenegraph, UI components and controlling the new media stack. Client application developers will learn how JavaFX relates to Swing technology and come away with a thorough understanding of the contents of the new JavaFX 2.0 beta release.


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