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Tomasz Kaczanowski
Tomek Kaczanowski works as a team lead at Software Mind SA (Cracow, Poland). He is an experienced Java developer, focused on code quality, testing and automation. Test infected TDD enthusiast, open-source proponent, kanban worshipper. Strong inclination towards sharing his knowledge. Blogger at Occasional article writer and conference speaker. Currently busy trying to achieve work-life-balance. ;)


Who watches the watchmen? - on quality of tests

Production code is our treasure. Tests are watchmen, which make sure no evil creeps in. But who watches the watchmen? This presentation is devoted to issues related to writing and maintaining high quality tests. First, we will think about various aspects of tests quality. Then, we will try to measure this quality using various methods - popular (e.g. code coverage) and less popular (e.g. mutational testing) - and see what are they good at. But the ultimate goal of the talk is to give some advices on how to achieve the desired high quality of tests. Expect lot of real-life code examples but also some (useful!) theory.


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