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Piotr Dziubecki
Piotr Dziubecki works as a system analyst at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center. Piotr is a core member of team developing Vine Toolkit framework - a user friendly bridge between scientists and HPC resources. Currently he designs and develops science gateways, portals profiled for the requirements of scientists. He is a long-running Java and Groovy enthusiast with an interest in creating web based solutions facilitating the access to the various computing services and applications. Before joining PSNC Piotr was involved in the development and benchmarking of the parallel multiple sequence alignment software.


Mixing Groovy, Java and BlazeDs/Flex in HPC portals

In this lecture you will see how we adapt the above technologies into the research project, Vine Toolkit. It is one of the major projects developed by the Applications Department, PSNC. Vine is often used as a base for creating complex HPC oriented solutions for the science. There will be three key topics in this talk: - creating Maven-like Groovy based build system project for our framework, - description of the Vine Toolkit itself, - presentation of several practical applications of Vine Toolkit in the form of portals - science gateways. No advanced technical knowledge is required, but watch out for some particularly interesting code snippets and diagrams on the slides!


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