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DevMeetings are free workshops for advanced software developers. We come here to present to you Java guys the serverside usage of JavaScript. Many say JS is not a serious enviroment, but we’ll show a real-life case of how can you implement a complete backend functionality within hours.

Piotr Zwolinski:
First line of code: 10 PRINT “HELLO WORLD” in Atari 65XE Basic at the age of 9. Since then, for the next 23 years active as Pascal, C++, Java, Ruby, JavaScript developer, teamlead, and finally as CEO of an international software development consultacy ReleasingForce GmbH & Co. KG. Currently – as founder of - struggling to integrate the polish developers’ community and help the advanced developers improve their skills.

Marek Pawlowski:
Frontend Developer, co-author of one of the first polish web-based games: Tanadu. JavaScript passionate, starting from language specific features like prototype-based OOP-model, through performance tuning and architecture, to backend solutions (Node.js), client/server communication (WebSockets) and development-process related issues, as tools supporting TDD in JavaScript (qUnit). Co-author of Unity framework: JS for mobile devices.


node.js + websockets workshop

Node.js is a great tool for building extremely fast and scalable web servers. It is based on the V8 JavaScript engine. You can simply advertise Node.js with: "complete server in a few lines of code" and it will not be only a marketing lie. The workshop will present you the details of construction and operating principles in Node.js in a case study: live coding backend implementation for web fighting game. The very essence of Server-side JavaScript coding. We will look at issues of concurrency in endless event loop with non-blocking I/O, module system in Node.js called CommonJS, high performance Sinatra style REST library named ExpressJS. We will also discuss about a cross-browser WebSocket for realtime apps and how to easy implement persistent layer with modules for MySQL or MongoDB. In conclusion we will present current trends and future of Node.js.


Participants of the DevMeeting @ GeeCON are asked to download and install:

then following packages using npm:
npm install express
npm install
npm install mysql
npm install mongodb


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