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Heinz Kabutz

Dr Heinz Kabutz is best known for his creation of The Java Specialists' Newsletter, read in 120 countries by 50000 Java experts. In his newsletter, he examines advanced aspects of Java that have helped Java developers around the world to produce better code. As someone remarked on the Sun website: "Heinz Kabutz is a hero in the Java Developer Community. His newsletters have saved companies millions by helping burgeoning and experienced programmers deliver high quality products."

In order to fund the newsletter, Heinz writes Java code on contract and runs seminars. His latest creation, the Java Specialist Master Course, examines ten areas of advanced Java. It is one of the only courses specifically aimed at the seasoned Java professional. He is a regular speaker at conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx, JavaZone and Server Side conferences in USA and Europe.


Reflection Madness

In this presentation, we will look at some advanced uses of reflection to delegate method calls automatically, to determine where we are being called from and to create new enum values dynamically for unit test purposes, including modifying the switch statements on-the-fly. We will look at how we can use the stack information to determine the class type in a static context. We will demonstrate how Externalizable allows the private state of an object to be read and then modified. Lastly we will demonstrate how we can construct new objects without calling any of the available constructors. This talk will be aimed at the advanced Java specialist who does not shy away from reflection code. Topics from the Java Specialists Newsletter and related research.

Productive Coder

Code Java at the speed of light. Modern IDEs have revolutionised the way in which we are able to churn out code. Sadly most programmers are held back by bad habits and so never fully utilise the power that is at their fingertips. This talk will demonstrate practical tips on how to go from 2nd gear to overdrive. Topics range from keyboard skills to writing useful comments to refactoring quickly and correctly. Keywords such as final, which is not so final anymore in Java 5, and tools to help you detect dead and duplicate code. Have more fun in your day-to-day Java work by becoming one with your machine. A must attend for any serious Java programmer.


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